About Faculty of CS & IT

The faculty of CS & IT provides excellent educational and research environment to its students, faculty members, staff and alumni. It has project-oriented and design-centered approach to education.  The faculty prides itself on programmes that combine the rigorous development of problem-solving skills with basic business skills. The curriculum provides not only theory and technical skills, but also facilitates the integration of science, technology, and management skills that the field will require. The faculty of CS & IT is determined to make their graduates the high-end IT professionals and superheroes of the future with entrepreneurial mindset who will help and transform the economic and technical landscape of Pakistan.

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Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman Chairman The Superior Group

"I believe educational excellence is the best strategy to strengthen our national identity and we at Superior aim at encouraging new ideas to bring smiles through facilitation."

Dr. Sumaira Rehman

"Your years at Superior will surely make you discover yourself and will give you a chance to think beyond your imagination. You and your dreams are important to us; let’s materialize them together."

Pirzada Sami Ullah Sabri Director General

"We believe our strength lies in individuals therefore we leave no stone unturned to incorporate the highest standards of morality, ethics, empathy, self-respect and self- Accountability among our students."

Khawaja Hisham-ul-Hasan Registrar

"To ensure that our country is steadfast on the path of prosperity, our youth needs to be well-versed with global trends. And for that we are offering you a complete package."

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