We are interested in conducting research in areas related with image processing, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence and medical image processing. We are specially interests in biologically inspired ideas like genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks, and their soft-computing applications. Recently, We have been involved in solving image/video restoration problems using neuro-fuzzy techniques, homogeneous and heterogeneous combination of classifiers using genetic programming, optimization of shaping functions in digital watermarking and image fusion.

Current focus of the group on following topics relating (but not limited to): Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Image and Video Processing.

  • Computer Vision, Image Processing, Medical Imaging
  • Data Science, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning,
  • Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery, E-Health and Decision Support
  • Security, Human Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing,
  • Video Processing and its Application


Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Data Science, by Dr. Arfan Jaffar

Robotics, Image Processing, Computer Graphics by Dr. Amna

Information Security by Dr. Sadaf Hina

Data Science, Information Science, Semantic Web, Service Oriented Architecture and Software Testing  by Dr. Tehreem


This research group is actively working on different research areas related to

Cloud computing, fog/edge computing, Internet of Things,

Information & Cyber Security,

Mobile and Wireless Communication.

There are 4 core theme areas;

•Distributed & Cloud Computing by Dr. Sheheryar Malik

•Information & Cyber Security by Dr. Imran Khan

•Communication & Networks by Dr. Irfanuddin

•Wireless Networks by Dr. Ikram Syed