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Superior University Gold Campus, Lahore

Chairman's Message
Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman
Leading the Leaders!

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Chairman Abdul Rehman | Leading the Leaders!

In this era of innovation, learning and growth we promise a superior world for you. Our graduates enter industry with a promise of transforming mindsets powered by Design Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Mindset to create an economic and social impact in the society.

Superior is a legacy which produces passionate individuals who believe “ Nothing is impossible”. You will find excellence, innovation, agility, fairness and teamwork ultimately leading to student’s success.

The post COVID-19 envisions a different paradigm and we will enable you to give hope to the world and lead the future. At superior you will experience life entertaining your creative vibes and will harbor your destiny of becoming a beacon of light for the history to acknowledge. I welcome you to the world of superheroes where you make a mark.

Let’s achieve an economically Superior Pakistan together. Our 3U1M Program prepares you for a corporate world where practicality always wins. Your years at superior will guide you to be a better human being who learns, leads and empowers one self to be the captain of soul.

Let’s achieve an economically Superior Pakistan together.

Rector's Message
Dr. Sumaira Rehman

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Dr. Sumaira Rehman
| Creating an Innovative & Successful Generation

Thank you for choosing Superior as your career building institute.

We are defined by our tradition of producing graduates of 21st century equipped with entrepreneurial mindset and emotional intelligence.Our students, faculty and alumni have a legacy of supporting our mission of achieving economically superior Pakistan.

The professional acumen of Superior is comprised of highly skilled and committed teachers and scholars.

The faculty practices the innovative doctrine for curriculum development to offer students a wealth of theoretical knowledge and the perspective to examine and critique the orthodox procedures of learning. They are committed to achieve educational excellence and equip students with tools needed to positively impact the world and excel in the profession.

We are especially proud of our “bridge to practice” experiential learning/practical skill development curriculum.

Inculcating practice with theory is a hallmark at superior. Superior is birthplace to creators, innovators and change makers. We are symbol of excellence and success.

I hope that your admittance in superior will support the dream of achieving economically superior Pakistan.

Pro Rector's Message
Prof. Dr. M.Nizam Ud Din

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Pro Rector Research Muhammad Nizam Ud Din
| Adding Excellence to Superior Journey

Greetings and welcome to Superior, an institute driven by entrepreneurial mindset and emotional intelligence. Recognized for its contribution in producing graduates equipped with skills of today, Superior is providing an excellent learning and research environment ensuring a rewarding and meaningful life for its people.

With the vision to facilitate superior humans, Superior from the day of its inception is indulged in realizing the dream of its pupils by inculcating values of creativity and innovation into their lives. Superior students are the leaders of tomorrow who will achieve the dream of Superior Pakistan envisioned by the forefathers of the Superior group.

I welcome you to a world of opportunities and to a world of happenings. I hope your superior journey will help you define your true-self to achieve what you dream.


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Bechlelor Programs

Computer Science

Gaming And Multimedia

Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Information Technology

Cyber Security

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Master & PhD Programs


  • PHD / MS Computer Science
  • PHD / MS Software Engineering
  • PHD / MS Information Technology
  • PHD / MS Data Science

Research Areas

  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Wireless Communication
  • Internet of Things
  • Network Security and Privacy
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Data Minning
  • Cloud computinga and distributed Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Applied and Computation Sciencxes

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